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(A work in progress, hahaha)

The majority of these links go to Archive of Our Own, since that's where they're most likely to be finished and proofread and so on. And in case there's ever any question, my policy on transformative works is Knock yourself out. Remixes, art, podfic, tinkering around in the universes; it's all fair game. Just drop me a link if you do a thing with my stuff, because it would be wicked awesome to see it.

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Fine. We'll do it the hard way.

Right. So. Long story short, I have a horrible case of writing block, going on two months. The kind where I can't open any story folders without being overcome by a screaming case of the fantods. And I'm pretty much out of safe, legal forms of distraction from the condition.

In this state, I don't trust myself not to ruin anything I touch, but if I don't try something, it is entirely possible I will pop down to the neighborhood liquor store for a bottle of absinthe and then go get my entire face tattooed and change my facebook profile to SITH LORD. This is the tame option; the thought of getting up to real trouble just makes me tired.

So here's a different thought. I'll take prompts, instead. From anyone. Lob some questions about characters into the comments, and I'll try to answer them. I don't care who it is, just as long as I don't have to think about plots or any works in progress or anything. Linear reasoning is bad, it's not working out for me right now. They could be DVD-commentary questions on existing stories, they could be random questions directly to the characters, they could be essay questions, or Dear Abby questions. Pretend it's a reddit AMA, whatever you're dying to know.

In return for your consideration, here's a very pleasant remix I'm currently grooving to, featuring the Notorious BIG. I can't write, but I can rec music like a mofo.

Shameless Plug

Okay, if you haven't heard of Redbubble, now is your chance to check out something awesome. They have absurd quantities of nifty t-shirts! They have tons of shiny art! And maybe, just maybe, if you buy a thing from them and send in a photo where you're using or wearing it, you could possibly be selected to show up on their Buyer's Booth Awards (like I did, because I'm hazardous when bored, and occasionally find myself terribly amusing, and then it's all downhill from there), and win a gift certificate which will enable the buying of more things from Redbubble!

As an incurable nifty t-shirt addict, this makes me awfully happy.

Why is the internet so boring in the summer?

I'm starting to find it pretty amusing, that after yeeaars of managing to not give a crap about Audio as an educational pursuit, suddenly I am soaking up all kinds of research about Audio. Mostly related to recording and editing; I still don't give a crap about speakers or rack processing or any playback stuff.

Anyway if you've got questions, I've got absurd shedloads of bookmarks now.

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A general question

Thanks to a recent wave of pernicious and wide-ranging curiosities, I find myself needing to ask if anyone on my flists are into podfics at all?

That"s basically the point of the post, the rest is just babbling.Collapse )

Now this is the part where maybe a conversation ensues?

Fic: Trope Bingo 4, xxxHolic Rou

This story made me insane. I thought when I was done, it would be amusing to describe how the thing came about. But at the moment, it doesn't seem amusing at all. I just want it gone from my head.

Oh, and there is nothing whatsoever happy about this.

Title: The Footnote At the Last Closing Door (Trope Bingo 4)
xxxHolic Rou
Kunogi Himawari, Doumeki Shizuka
Rated for General Audiences (who don't mind having their brain cracked in half)
[Trope: Accidental Stimulation}

She doesn"t know how to look the way he does, even if she feels it to her marrow...Collapse )

Trope Bingo Will Be The Death of Me

Ugh, god, fine, okay so what if instead of writing all these entries on our cards, we get all jacked up on Pixie Stix and Redbull and gibber back and forth like crack monkeys in the comments, about things that could happen in all these stories I don't see any way of writing. I'll deconstruct the actual prompts to a degree that is absolutely terrifying, and someone else can weigh in with plot events, and then I'll pipe up occasionally with the "then he was all, and then she was like," dialogue shorthand. We could even go serious directions with it, talk about the most utterly dire things happening in these hypothetical stories, until we're all weeping into our Pixie Stix.

I'm cool with all that, being at the point where it's this or a can of WD-40 and a Zippo, maybe a side of Jack Daniels, and I think we all know that never ends particularly well.


(go on, somebody toss me one of your troublesome assigned prompts, I'll crunch it down into tiny little pieces for you, it's fun!)

public service announcement

Sorry for the delay in Trope Bingo participation. I've been vacationing Here and There. Not a lot of Internet, and too much driving. Systems slowly coming back online, hoping to be up to normal operating capacity in the next few days.

In the meantime, some pictures from Here and There (Utah and Colorado, specifically), and also a book rec.

Stephen Fry, "The Ode Less Travelled". Seriously, this thing is so much fun. It's what I did with myself in the evenings after five or six hours of driving. Sit in a motel room with the windows open, drink tea, and horse around with iambic pentameter. Yeah, swimming pools aren't really my thing.

Anyway, I discovered it becomes exponentially more entertaining when you try the exercises from the book with refrigerator magnet poetry.

Utah and Colorado say hi.

Fic: Trope Bingo 3, Sherlock (TV)

Right, so. If you don't already get this about me, I am exactly the kind of person who pulls up the trope "Tentacles" on their bingo card, and right off the bat starts thinking, how can I make this really weird? Because Tentacles, as a fanfiction trope, clearly is not weird enough on its own.

And right about now you're probably realizing that I chose the BBC Sherlock universe, for a tentacle fic.

Yeah, I'll just give you a moment with that.


Okay, and yes, there are some Author's Notes at the end in case you don't follow what's happening here. I'd be kinda curious to know if anyone thinks I should include them for posting to AO3 or someplace, or if the thing is actually more interesting as a bizarrely random cypher.

Title: The Pearl Diver (Trope Bingo 3)
Sherlock (TV)
John Watson
Rated for mature language
(Post-Reichenbach, spoilers for basically everything)

...because Sherlock knows, the mad bastard always knew just where to find him. Snag him and reel him in.Collapse )

Fic: Trope Bingo 2, xxHolic Rou/Everything

Alright, this trope was "the Chosen One/It Sucks to be The Chosen One". Which is subverted about as often as it's put forward, so how does one have fun with it?

Quick answer: multiverse crossover.

xxxHolic Rou Watanuki meets Harry Potter, Buffy, Merlin (recent BBC TV series incarnation), and Neo from The Matrix. Was going to drag the Eleventh Doctor into it, but I got bored.

Title: The Chosen Ones (Trope Bingo 2)
xxxHolic Rou, BtVS, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Merlin
Watanuki Kimihiro, Harry Potter, Buffy Summers, Merlin, Neo
Rated for General Audiences

As Shopkeeper, he stands at the center of all destinies, strung across worlds too many to count.Collapse )



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